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The kitchen staff at MKB Catering consists of dedicated food enthusiasts with varying degrees of culinary training. They will serve you throughout the duration of the event and will ensure all your needs are met.  


1. Delivery


(a) Food will only be brought onto the site once suitable storage facilities are provided.
(b) Our vehicles used for delivering food to the site will be fit for the purpose
(certain products may require particular conditions for delivery i.e. refrigeration/insulated containers).
(c) Our food containers will be clean and capable of protecting food from the risk of contamination. We do not use cardboard or wooden boxes as they are not suitable containers for foods which are ready for consumption.


2. Storage


Our storage facilities will adequately protect the food and will be capable of maintaining safe temperatures for high risk products.


We guarantee the following :    


(a) Separation or raw and cooked foods.
(b) Protection from risk of contamination.
(c) Conditions suitable for product i.e. refrigeration/insulated containers.
(d) Condition of containers.
(e) Suitable facilities for storing equipment and crockery which must be undercover and off the ground.


3. Temperature Control


(a) All high risk products will be kept below 8°C or above 63°C.         

(b) The amount of high risk food on display will be kept to a minimum.
(c) The delay between preparation, storage and service of products will be kept to a minimum. For practical purposes low risk food e.g. vegetables can be prepared in advance.
(d) We have a probe thermometer to check internal food temperatures.


4. Cross Contamination


(a) All raw and cooked foods are kept separate at all times.
(b) We use separate knives, utensils and chopping boards for raw and cooked foods.


(d) Strict adherence to highest possible standards of personal hygiene are maintained


5. Personal Hygiene


(a) We have suitable hand washing facilities for the sole use of all food handlers.
(b) We ensure that hand washing takes place after the following:


prior to commencing food handling duties;

after handling raw foods;

after use of the toilet;

prior to handling high risk foods;

after each break;

after sneezing, coughing, blowing nose or touching hair;

after handling rubbish.


(c) Clean, washable, protective over clothing are be worn by food handlers.